Shadow And Bone Spinoff Series Rumored To Be In The Works

Shadow and Bone

Jupiter’s Legacy and Cursed may have both bitten the dust after one very expensive season each, but the Netflix fantasy bubble is still a long way away from bursting. Shadow and Bone was already renewed for another batch of episodes last month, but the streaming service’s latest set of viewing data revealed that 55 million households had watched the series, good enough to make it one of the platform’s ten most-watched original shows ever.

Naturally, any hit fantasy lends itself well to world-building and expansion as we’ve seen already with The Witcher getting an animated prequel movie and a live-action episodic prequel, with a new rumor now claiming that Shadow and Bone is set to receive its first spinoff.

As per the report, the Six of Crows will be taking center stage in their own project, which will be developed by Shadow and Bone‘s creator and showrunner Eric Heisserer. Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, Matthias Helvar, Nina Zenik and Jesper Fahey all made a major impression on fans, so there’s definitely an appetite to see them headline an adventure of their own.

Any additional details remain unclear, and while it’s far from being a confirmation, it fits Netflix’s remit of using film and television properties that have proven to be popular as the basis for an entire shared universe.

The Six of Crows subplot was largely kept separate from the main drag of Shadow and Bone‘s narrative that followed Jessie Mei’s Alina Starkov, who unleashed a power with the potential to setting her nation free, so the two wouldn’t necessarily have to dovetail from a storytelling perspective. Based on the viewing figures, though, folks would be thrilled at the prospect of even more content.