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‘She-Hulk’ director wanted a divisive character to be the show’s Baby Yoda, but Marvel shut it down

The fans would have no doubt eaten it alive.

Image via Lucasfilm

Having instantly seized the imagination to become an instant Star Wars icon, not to mention a merchandising machine, it would make sense that Disney would be actively seeking an adorable new character that could match Baby Yoda in terms of both popularity and earning potential. However, Marvel Studios wouldn’t allow it to happen with a recent She-Hulk: Attorney at Law debutant.

During the post-credits scene at the Banner family cookout, Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce returns from his intergalactic adventures to reveal that he fathered a son during his time off-world. While there’s no doubt a big future planned for Skaar in the MCU, the overriding reaction from the fandom was that the green-skinned second-generation Hulk needed a new barber.

It could have all turned out very differently, though, after director Kat Coiro revealed to TV Insider that she initially planned for Skaar to be a toddler in the same vein as Grogu, but the masterminds behind the cinematic universe had other ideas.

“Marvel is not so much a ‘notes’ place as a ‘conversation’, and a lot of those conversations have to do with where the franchises are headed and what the future is I had an idea that I wanted Skaar to be a toddler, like a Baby Yoda kind of character, but I don’t think that’s where the story is headed.”

While it may have scored instant cute points were Skaar to arrive on the scene being cradled in his mother’s exceedingly muscled arms, a green baby from beyond the stars would have felt way too on-the-nose and obvious given Grogu’s ongoing arc in The Mandalorian and beyond. Either way, hopefully we’ll see if Hulk Jr. returns with a new haircut, and how he factors into the MCU at large sooner rather than later.

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