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‘She-Hulk’ stans know how they expect Jen and Matt Murdock to meet

How will 'She-Hulk' tackle the impending Daredevil cameo?

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Disney Plus’ She-Hulk is inching ever closer to its season one finale, and fans aren’t ready to say goodbye.

The show boasts several more episodes than most Marvel series, but its short runtime and widespread appeal is leaving fans anxious for its rapidly approaching conclusion. Despite their disappointment, however, viewers are eagerly looking forward to several plot points the series has teased but has yet to reveal. The biggest of these is undeniably the arrival of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, which was hinted at in early trailers for the series. The character likely won’t make his return until near the season’s end, but fans have already sussed out how they believe he will cross paths with Jen.

In a show like She-Hulk, there are countless potentials for how two characters like Matt and Jen could meet. Both are lawyers, after all, and could easily meet in the courtroom, but this almost feels like a dry option for a show like She-Hulk. Their presence as superheroes also poses a clear option for the two to meet “on the job,” as it were, but fans have their sights set on a very different kind of meet-cute.

As noted in a post to the Marvel Studios subreddit, one fan is eagerly expecting “Matt Murdock to swipe right on Jennifer Walter’s profile.”

Jen’s recent foray into the dating scene has fans focused on her romantic future, and some think Matt could be a part of that. They’d like him to enter the fold via the show’s amusing Tinder plot line, meeting up with Jen as a potential match rather than as a colleague or superhero counterpart. This could, as noted by user Opinionsare, present several fun and hilarious plot potentials for the show to take on. They point out that Jen’s identity as She-Hulk is well known—and she currently advertises herself as She-Hulk on Tinder—and this detail could be exactly what draws Matt in.

“Matt might think that Jennifer is one of the few women in the world that his secret identity, Daredevil, doesn’t put in danger,” they write.

It’s a good point, and certainly relevant for a character like Daredevil. His violent lifestyle puts everyone around him in danger, so who better to date than a nigh-unstoppable Hulk? The tantalizing plot points they tease after would also make for great television, as viewers would get to watch Jen’s reaction to the seemingly plain, but undeniably talented, Matt. Would she swipe right in return? Would it be his looks, his personality, or his legal exploits that win her over?

Most importantly, were the two to date, “will Matt share his secret?”

The proposal presents a fun and very on-brand plot line for She-Hulk, departing from the expected—they meet on some dark rooftop and initially fight, before becoming allies—and instead leaning on a uniquely modern and relevant plot point. Jen’s story has, thus far, been a wonderful departure from the sometimes exhaustingly predictable Marvel story structure, and having two major characters meet in such a charming, benign way would be a true delight to witness.

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