Sherlock Season 3 Plot Details Revealed

To say that fans were left on a cliffhanger with the season two finale of Sherlock would be an understatement. It was a thrilling final episode that gave us all something to think about as we patiently await the next time that Sherlock Holmes and trusty sidekick Dr. John Watson grace our screens.

Gearing up to premiere its third season in Fall 2013, we really don’t know much about where executive producer and series creator Steven Moffat plans to take us. Details for season three storylines are being kept under lock and key but in an effort to tease fans, Moffat has revealed a tiny hint via Twitter.

Yesterday, he Tweeted the following:

Last year it was Woman, Hound, Fall. This year’s three words revealed tomorrow at #MGEITF#Sherlock Master Class.

Today, he Tweeted this:

 So. The three tease words for the next run of Sherlock … Rat. Wedding. Bow.

For those who haven’t clued in, Moffat is filling us in on which stories the next season of Sherlock will tackle. When he references “Woman, Hound, Fall,” he’s referring to season two’s stories (A Scandal In Bohemia, The Hounds Of Baskerville, The Final Problem). With “Rat, Wedding, Bow,” he’s referencing next season’s stories.

Presumably, Moffat is hinting that season three’s stories will be The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire or The Giant Rat Of Sumatra (Rat), The Noble Bachelor (Wedding) and His Last Bow (Bow).

All sounds good, right? Well, not exactly. You see, His Last Bow may spell the end of this beloved series. After all, it’s the final Sherlock Holmes story (chronologically, at least) and it sees our titular character retiring.

Further pointing to the fact that the series may be coming to an end is the fact that both its stars, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, are experiencing a rising profile in Hollywood, with more and more film offers being thrown their way. Are our two favorite private investigators ready to move on from TV and focus on their film careers? It looks that way.

Now, this is in no way set in stone and who knows what Moffat is really up to. Just because he gave us Bow doesn’t even necessarily mean that they’re using His Last Bow. And even if they are, it still doesn’t mean that season three will be the last.

Sherlock is a tremendously successful show. It’s a personal favorite of mine and if the famous detective is going to be taking his final bow come next year, I’ll definitely be disappointed.

There are so many stories left to tell and to see the show end after three seasons, which would be just nine episodes, would be a real shame.

What do you think? Is Sherlock heading into its last season?