‘South Park’ creator Trey Parker truly commits to the series with real estate purchase

South Park.

Notorious comedic writer Trey Parker, best known as a creative duo with Matt Stone, has produced terrific comedy for 25 years now and branched outside TV with South Park movies like Team America and even the Broadway musical Book of Mormon. But his latest antics are very close to home.

The Colorado-born scribe is one of Colorado’s most famous people and finest exports, and he seems keen to remain around his home state. Parker purchased a plot of land on South Park Avenue in Morrison, Colorado, Yahoo News reports.

The address was once home to bed and breakfast built in the 1870s before tragically burnt down in 2015.

Image: Comedy Central

The address was once home to bed and breakfast, built in the 1870s before tragically burnt down in 2015. Interestingly, Parker is just a short 20-minute drive from Casa Bonita – South Park’s fictional ‘Mexican Disneyland’ that first appeared in the eleventh episode of the seventh season of the comedy hit in 2003. 

The episode in question is typical ridiculous South Park shenanigans revolving around Cartman’s plot involving Butters going “missing” so Cartman can score an invitation to Kyle’s birthday at Casa Bonita. 

Casa Bonita is based on the Mexican-themed restaurant of the same name in Denver, Colorado. As always, Parker and Stone wrote about what they know and added a suitable level of hilarity. 

South Park is currently enjoying its 23rd season, with the series taking place in a post-COVID world. Comedy Central’s hit show is unlikely to end anytime soon, with positive ratings continuing.