South Park’s Pandemic Special Mocks Donald Trump, COVID-19 And More

There’s no denying that it’s been quite a tough year for everyone and as such, all of us desperately need something light-hearted to take our minds off of the horrific state of the world. Luckily, then, we have South Park.

The long-running animated series made its long-awaited return to Comedy Central recently with the show’s first ever one hour special. Apparently, the creators couldn’t get across all they wanted to say in just half an hour so they doubled their air time and made sure to make good use of the extra minutes.

The pandemic special took aim at nearly everyone, including (but not limited to) the origin of the novel coronavirus, President Donald Trump’s lacklustre response to the disease, police brutality, Build-A-Bear Workshop and plenty more. As usual, no one was safe from the characters’ constant crass quips and signature over-the-line humor.

Unfortunately, however, this hilarious affair might be the last we see of Cartman, Kenny and the rest of the gang for at least a little while. Given the difficulty of creating new episodes during a pandemic, series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are unsure when they’ll be able to follow up on the special.

South Park

Luckily, Comedy Central will definitely give them a long leash to get things done. The show has been a ratings sensation for the channel for almost a quarter of a century now and was recently renewed through 2022. Hopefully, Parker and Stone will be able to adjust to the new state of the world rather quickly so we can all get more content from them soon. After all, judging by the way things are going, we might need it to make it through the rest of the year.

Tell us, though, what did you think of the South Park pandemic special? As always, let us know down below.