Fun New Walking Dead Theory Tries To Solve Beta’s Identity


October is here and that means so many things. Among them? Pumpkin spice everything, Halloween, Christmas decorations in the stores and The Walking Dead is finally back. This season will be Whisperers-heavy and one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the wandering group of killers is Beta. Who is he and what makes the behemoth tick?

Last season, when Daryl finally came face-to-face with the not so gentle giant, the younger (and only surviving) Dixon brother looked extremely outmatched. That was until he shoved Beta down an elevator shaft. Somehow, though, the big bad man survived, which made fans wonder even more about who is this guy and why isn’t he a villain in a Marvel movie?

Well, in a mind-bending, fourth wall breaking twist, I have a theory as to who Alpha’s right-hand man was before he became a Whisperer. Spoilers: He’s literally actor Ryan Hurst himself.

I know what you’re thinking. No, Sam, you’re wrong. Hurst plays Beta on the show. But hear me out, as this theory comes from some spoilers released concerning Sunday’s episode, “We Are The End Of The World.” The ever-reliant Spoiling Dead Fans have released some, well, spoilers about the second entry into TWD‘s tenth season. In the backstory-filled hour, it’ll reportedly be explored how Beta and Alpha’s twisted little union came to be and at one point, Alpha apparently removes the face mask from a sleeping Beta and chuckles at what she sees.

What could be going through the mind of that psychopath that would make her laugh, you think? Well, how much fun would it be if it were revealed that Beta was actually a deadly, post-apocalyptic Ryan Hurst? And upon seeing his face, Alpha remembered how much she loved him as Opie in Sons of Anarchy. Talk about making the zombie apocalypse seem a little more real.