The Walking Dead Fans Are Seriously Creeped Out By Alpha

The Walking Dead Season 9B

After glimpses in the midseason premiere, last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead properly introduced us to the show’s newest – and creepiest – villain. Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, promises to be a hugely formidable foe for the assembled survivors and season 9’s tenth episode, “Omega,” did a great job of explaining why she’s so dangerous.

Fans are already loving the antagonist, too, with some just happy that such a beloved character from Robert Kirkman’s comic books is finally making their way to the screen.

Something that really went down with fans was the decision to fill in Alpha’s backstory so early, as it gives us some context for her malevolent actions and fleshes her out immediately. It’s especially impressive as the origins story was created for the show and doesn’t come from the source material.

In fact, the flashback device worked so well that some are wishing that TWD had done the same for Negan back in the day.

Alpha’s also going down well as she’s one of the series’ rare female villains, as this user points out:

Now that we’ve met Alpha and her daughter Lydia, who’ve both been received well, the fans are ready to get to know Beta, Alpha’s right-hand man, who’s set to be played by Sons of Anarchy‘s Ryan Hurst on the show.

Finally, is it too early to say that Alpha’s going to be an even better villain than the Governor and Negan? Some are already stating so, which will no doubt please exec producer Greg Nicotero, who’s long been claiming that this is the case.

“Omega” ended with Alpha and the Whisperers arriving at the Hilltop to retrieve Lydia, with the implication being that they must hand her over or else they’ll kick off a war. No prizes for guessing that they won’t give Alpha back her daughter, but be sure to tune in to watch as the story continues to unfold in The Walking Dead 9×11 “Bounty” this Sunday, February 24th on AMC.