Squid Game Fans Are Sending Money To Bank Details Shown In Series

With the massive amount of popularity Netflix’s Squid Game has garnered since its release it shouldn’t really be a surprise that viewers have combed through the show and found interest in some minor details. One of these details is the bank account used for the main character Seong Gi-Hun. These bank account details are authentic and have reportedly been receiving money from fans over the past few weeks.

In an online interview, Squid Game directory Hwang Dong-Hyuk answered questions regarding the show where he addressed this bank account stating that it belonged to a producer on the show who agreed to let them use the details to remain authentic.

“I heard that producer has been receiving deposits in the amount of 456 KRW from people who watched the show”

“To prevent further deposits from happening the production team decided to close the account to avoid potential issues in the future.”

via EpicStream

While this may have been resolved it hasn’t been the only real-life mishap caused by the show. In the show, a phone number was unknowingly used that belongs to a real Korean citizen who claims to have been receiving thousands of calls from Squid Game fans.

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, the owner of this number is a man in his 40s who refuses to have his number changed as he’s used it for a very long time. According to Squid Game director, the use of this number was believed to be safe before it was added into the series.

“We’re very sorry we did not check that in detail. I know the production team is working to properly compensate that individual. We are going to take responsibility for it until the end.”

via Allkpop

Still, we can only wonder how many more people will send over money and just how much the man will get.