Stan Lee’s Jessica Jones “Cameo” Revealed

It’s become a tradition for Stan Lee, who created some of Marvel’s most well-known and enduring characters, to pop up for a brief cameo in Marvel movies. Though he’s missed out on a few here and there for whatever reason, most of the studio’s big-screen output features an appearance from “The Man” himself. Now, that’s continued with Marvel’s TV projects – though Lee doesn’t make his presence felt in exactly the same manner.

In Daredevil, a picture of Stan Lee can be seen just over the shoulder of an officer during a scene in the Hell’s Kitchen police station, and an eagle-eyed fan has spotted the very same picture in the above shot from the Jessica Jones trailer. It can be argued that since Lee himself doesn’t appear that it’s not exactly a cameo per-se, but it seems it’s the closest we’re going to get for the time being.

You can check out the scene in full for yourselves when all 13 episodes of Jessica Jones become available to stream on Netflix in just 3 days time. Until then, check out our review on the series to see what we think of it.