Star Trek Crossover TV Show Now Confirmed, Title Revealed

Star Trek: Picard

Earlier this week, We Got This Covered told you that a major Star Trek crossover TV series is being developed for CBS All Access. The plan is to bring together the casts of Discovery and Picard, as well as two more shows that are in the works – the long-since-announced Section 31 spinoff for Michelle Yeoh and Pike, a solo vehicle for Anson Mount’s Enterprise captain. Now, our intel has been confirmed by another outlet, who were able to add an additional tidbit.

Shortly after we shared our report, Giant Freakin Robot corroborated the news. Just as we stated, their write-up notes that CBS is looking to Marvel’s The Defenders for inspiration and the show will address these characters coming from different time periods by using time travel to bring them all together to fight some common enemy. GFR were also able to assign a title to the project, as their sources have informed them that the current name for it is Star Trek: Crossover. 

That surely has to be a working title, as you’d hope that the writers would come up with something more imaginative than that. But the basic Crossover name does remind us that this concept is still in the early stages of development, as is obvious by the fact that two of the series it will bring together aren’t even in production yet. So, it’ll be a while before they’re actually airing.

Perhaps in a couple of years or so, however, this crossover will finally be on our screens. At this stage, it’s far too soon to say which characters will be taking part in it, though you’d assume it would be the leads of all four shows as that would be the most exciting for fans.

In the meantime, Picard reaches its season 1 finale this Thursday. After that, the next Star Trek show on TV will be Discovery season 3, arriving later this year.