Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary Reveals Season 8’s Starship


Take a look at the newest starship to hail from Starfleet, the U.S.S. Emmett Till!

A new documentary that charts the history of beloved Star Trek series Deep Space Nine, titled What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek Deep Space Nine, received its world premiere at Destination Star Trek in Birmingham this weekend. The part of the doc that’ll be of most interest to fans though is the segment in which the writers of the show discuss their ideas for what an eighth season would’ve been like.

These plans include the introduction of the Emmett Till. To bring these concepts to life, a scene from the hypothetical season 8 opener’s depicted via animation in the documentary, and it looks amazing. The design of the ship, from longtime Trek concept artist John Eaves, can be seen in the reveal video below, as well as the accompanying gallery.

Eaves has worked on every Star Trek series since The Next Generation – including the contemporary Discovery – as well as eight movies. So, the intention with the Emmett Till is certainly that it’s canon. In fact, Star Trek Online – the MMORPG – suggested they’d be interested in featuring it in their game on Twitter. Though curiously, the tweet’s since been deleted. Even if this doesn’t happen, though, at least we’re definitely getting a physical model of the ship released as part of Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Official Starship Collection.

The Emmett Till – named after the African-American man who was tragically lynched in Mississippi in 1955 – is captained by the female Ezri Dax. Dax actually already exists in the wider Trek canon, too. In the post-Nemesis novels, she’s captain of the U.S.S. Aventine rather than the Emmett Till.

If this has whet your appetite for some more Deep Space Nine goodness, then know that you can pre-order the upcoming Star Trek documentary right here.

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