Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Will Dive Into Spock’s Family Dynamic


The second season of Star Trek: Discovery has all the makings of unmissable television.

CBS’ All Access series has pulled out all the stops to welcome Spock to the flight deck, while we understand next year’s batch of episodes is much lighter in tone over Discovery 1.0. Frankly, it couldn’t have gotten much darker without CBS skewing towards an older demographic.

Nevertheless, this all lays the groundwork for a bold sophomore outing, as CBS’ team of creators begin to uncover what makes Spock tick and, according to executive producer Heather Kadin, the family from which he hails.

We’re gonna be exploring those family dynamics. We’re gonna see a lot between them. I think that like any brother or sister, there’s love. There’s deep wells of stuff. That’s what’s so great about exploring that relationship, is there’s a lot of tricky stuff that we get to dig into – dig into it before we meet him, after we meet him. It is a brother and sister in a unique way, that we can only do on Star Trek.

The decision to deep dive into Spock’s family dynamic will have a knock-on effect on Michael Burnham (The Walking Dead‘s Sonequa Martin-Green), too, as her character is actually Spock’s step-sibling. This being Star Trek, though, it promises to be an emotional subplot for Discovery season 2, as Martin-Green tells SyFy:

I can tell you that it is a huge deal. We are going to be really digging into that relationship, and digging into a lot of family dynamics in season two. And not just in that family between Burnham and Spock and Sarek and Amanda, but also with the entire crew.

Said to be more in line with the old Trek series, Discovery‘s second season is expected to air via CBS All Access early next year, when viewers will get their first look at Ethan Peck as Spock, everyone’s favorite Starfleet science officer.