Star Trek: Discovery Teases Rebuilding Of The Federation In Season 4

star trek discovery

Star Trek: Discovery‘s recently concluded third run set up a lot of big questions about the future of the galaxy, albeit without always answering them in a satisfying way. CBS All Access are clearly keen on the program, though, with more instalments already being planned for the next few years. And according to a new social media post, season 4 is likely to cover the rebuilding of the Federation.

For anyone who hasn’t been following Discovery, the newest block of episodes saw the crew travel to the 32nd century, wherein they find the Federation greatly reduced and mostly in hiding after the cataclysmic impact of The Burn. We were able to see what forces rose up to fill a power vacuum in different systems, as well as Michael Burnham and co.’s efforts to push the former alliance of planets back towards its former self.

A new entry from the Star Trek: Discovery Logs account on Instagram backs up this premise with a post written from the perspective of Burnham, available below:

The account references Sonequa Martin-Green’s character’s promotion to captain in the season 3 finale, after a year that saw her separated from her crew, and under fire for some controversial decisions. We also learnt in that episode how work was already underway to bring former members back into the Federation, with the USS Discovery using its spore drive to reach them.

Personally, I’m all for Star Trek: Discovery taking on a more conventional Trek structure by negotiating with different worlds, even if its style is likely to continue being heavily action-oriented. Despite the ambitious scope of the most recent storylines, there are also still a lot of big gaps in its depiction of the future of the franchise, including what happened to the Klingon Empire. So far, what we do know is that David Cronenberg is reprising his guest role in season 4, which is already in production, and may even arrive on our screens later in 2021.