CBS Reportedly Planning At Least 5 Seasons Of Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery

In all the excitement around Star Trek: Picard, the franchise focus has been taken off fellow CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery. The show, which is due to return to our screens sometime this year, is already setting up a great third season via a time jump to the far future. CBS All Access have reportedly committed to a fourth season of Discovery as well, but we’ve now learnt from our sources – the same ones that told us National Treasure 3 is in development and Transformers is being rebooted – that the network are planning at least five seasons of the show.

According to our intel, CBS All Access have already signed up for both seasons 4 and 5 of Star Trek: Discovery, such is their confidence in the series. Of course, we already know that the Star Trek franchise producers consider Discovery to be a crucial element in the future of the property, which may in time include a potential crossover with Picard. All of this has been in spite of a vocal contingent of fans not warming to Discovery, which unfortunately overlooks the series’ storytelling ambitions.

From inside the Discovery camp, we’re hearing that the third season is set to be particularly strong, and will explore a future version of the Trek universe in more detail than previously seen in the franchise. In addition, there’ve been rumors of a movie spinning out from the events of Discovery, while it’s looking likely that we’ll be getting more of season 2’s incarnations of Spock and the 23rd century as a whole.

In terms of the latter idea, Star Trek producer Alex Kurtzman has indicated that a new spinoff with Pike, Spock, and Una could happen, something that actress Rebecca Romijn has already been teasing. For now, we have season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery to look forward to, hopefully sooner rather than later, as well as the remaining episodes of Picard to enjoy.

If proven correct though, the latest news from our sources is sure to make fans very happy, especially since it indicates that the show could even go beyond a fifth season.