Star Trek Fans Want Paramount To Sue Space Force Over Similar Logo

Captain Picard Star Trek

The emblem of the controversial Space Force has been tweeted out by Donald Trump and has been observed by many to bear more than a little resemblance to the logo of Star Trek.

The image, consisting of a chevron enclosed by the orbital path of a spacefaring object and backed by a basic stylization of the Earth and the small dots of distant stars, has an unquestionable similarity to that of Starfleet Command. And as you can always rely on when something obvious is unleashed into the wilds of the internet, Twitter has not been shy in pointing it out.

To be fair (and I hate having to use those words in relation to anything Trump does), the Space Force logo is merely the latest iteration of that used by the military service previously known as Air Force Space Command, both it and Star Trek’s being ultimately inspired by the NASA emblem. However, it’s difficult to believe it to be anything other than intentional for it to have undergone the amount of alteration from the previous version to change it to something barely distinguishable from that seen used in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

It’s possible it’s an attempt to invoke the utopian ideals of Star Trek to imply that the formation of Space Force will somehow one day lead to the show’s promised post-scarcity society of exploration and understanding, and is not merely a narcissistic billionaire wanting to play spaceman with vast amounts of public funding like a Galaxy Squad Lego set.

If such a tacit comparison is intentional, the timing of its release is suspect, coinciding with the debut of Star Trek: Picard that sees the return of the greatest captain in any Star Trek medium. However, the notion of an old white man resigning his high powered position in disgust after the administration to which he belongs refuses to help those in need due to their being an Other is something Trump probably wouldn’t understand.