Star Trek Franchise Might Be Exploring More Of The 23rd Century

Star Trek: Discovery

The recently released trailer for Star Trek: Discovery teases how its cast will handle life in the 32nd century after the time jump at the end of season 2. We already know that the series will explore various intriguing parts of Star Trek‘s far future, including potentially what happened to the Federation, but this doesn’t mean we won’t see more stories set in the 23rd century that build towards the established canon of the franchise.

Speaking at the recent New York Comic Con, producer Alex Kurtzman hinted at new series that will return to the setting of the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery. Although it seems that the Discovery crew won’t be traveling back in time, Kurtzman did have this to say about other plans that they have:

“I think that obviously there’s many shows that are in the works now and they will be in different timelines, so anything is possible. We take canon very very seriously and are not looking to negate anything that happened and the amazing work of many writers over the last 50 years.”

The shows Kurtzman references are presumably the much-in-demand Captain Pike spinoff, which could tie into the events of the original series of Star Trek. The ongoing commitment to Anson Mount’s Pike and Ethan Peck’s Spock was also confirmed with the surprise release of a new Star Trek: Short Treks episode over the weekend, which focuses on Spock’s first day aboard the Enterprise. Follow-up shorts for Pike and Rebecca Romijn’s Number One are also on the cards, so don’t rule out a new spinoff around these characters, either.

There’s a lot to be excited about as a Star Trek fan right now, including an in-development pilot for Star Trek: Section 31 that will feature Michelle Yeoh’s Philippa Georgiou and is likely to be set in the 23rd century. Of course, we also have Star Trek: Picard to look forward to, which not only dropped a new trailer last week (available above), but also revealed a release date of January 23rd, 2020 on CBS All Access. Meanwhile, season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery will drop sometime in 2020. Don’t miss it.