Star Trek Fans Are Divided About Animated Show Lower Decks

Star Trek Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks will be a departure from usual Trek fare. Not because it’s animated (the franchise boldly went 2D way back in 1973), but because it’s an explicitly comedic adult show run by Rick & Morty writer Mike McMahan that doesn’t focus on the heroic captains and officers of the Federation, but on the normal guys who are a couple of rungs down the ladder.

Yesterday, CBS announced that the ten-episode first season would premiere on CBS All Access in just over a month’s time on August 6th, with a new episode being released weekly. Alongside this we got a poster showing off the show’s tagline – “Rarely going where no-one has gone before” – and a look at the U.S.S. Cerritos (apparently one of the Federation’s least famous ships). In addition, we got confirmation that the series takes place just after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, meaning we could see some cameos from TNG characters.

The Trek fan community mostly reacted to the announcement with positivity and down below, you can see some of their thoughts.

However, quite understandably, there’s also some grumbling from more traditionalist Trek fans that this goofy-looking comedy doesn’t fit well with the serious tone of the rest of the franchise.

I’m on the hopeful side myself. Every single Star Trek show has had its comedic episodes, and most of them are considered among the greatest episodes of all time (“The Trouble with Tribbles,” anyone?) Plus, the series has a promising comedy pedigree and seems to land on just the right level of humor. If Lower Decks was the only Star Trek show on air, then those critical of it might have a point, but the franchise is currently going through a new golden age and there’s a lot of Trek in the pipeline.

So, I think there’s definitely space for Star Trek: Lower Decks and I have a sneaking suspicion that fans will quickly come to adore its new cast. See you on August 6th!