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Star Trek: Picard Adds Runaways Star As The Borg Queen For Season 2

The Borg Queen is back!

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The Borg Queen is coming back. The first season of Star Trek: Picard reintroduced the Borg back into the Trek universe, and season 2 promises to continue Jean-Luc’s decades-long rivalry with the assimilating species. The sophomore run of the series, which sees Sir Patrick Stewart reprise his iconic role as the former captain of the Enterprise, has officially cast Bosch and Runaways star Anne Wersching as the aforementioned monarch of the Borg.

Deadline broke this news, that’s sure to excite fans, this Thursday afternoon. The Borg Queen first made her mark in the franchise in 1996’s Star Trek: First Contact, as played by Alice Krige. Susanna Thompson took over the role for three episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. Krige then resumed the character she originated in the Voyager series finale, 2001’s “Endgame”. The Queen hasn’t been seen since then, although she was referenced in an episode of Picard season 1.

Along with the news of her casting, Deadline made clear that Wersching hasn’t just been hired for a guest spot but will have a recurring presence across the second season. The Borg Queen’s return will no doubt mean a lot to both Picard and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), as both characters are still forever haunted by their experiences as part of the Borg. What’s more, Seven briefly took on the role of Borg Queen last season and Picard is now a cybernetic being himself, following his resurrection in the season 1 finale.

The Borg Queen is the second familiar villain confirmed to be on board for season 2. Q is also coming back, though this time the original actor is returning, too, with the teaser trailer revealing our first look at John de Lancie as an older-looking Q. On the heroes’ side, Whoopi Goldberg is likewise reprising her fan-favorite Next Generation character, Guinan.

Star Trek: Picard season 2 is set to premiere on Paramount Plus sometime in 2022.

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