New Star Trek: Picard Photos Reveal First Look At The Season Finale


Has it been 10 weeks already? Star Trek: Picard reaches the end of its first season this Thursday, with the grand conclusion to the two-part finale storyline “Et in Arcadia Ego.” Last episode, we saw the situation escalate massively, with the Synths deciding to launch an attack on the galaxy before the Romulans kill them first, apparently fulfilling the prophecy that Data’s descendants would bring doom to all organic life, after all.

These six new promo images (see the gallery below) give us our first look at the season finale, checking in on Sir Patrick Stewart’s Starfleet legend, Santiago Cabrera’s Chris Rios, Allison Pill’s Agnes Jurati as well as the villainous Narek and Narissa (Harry Treadaway and Peyton List). While the Romulans scheme and his friends try their best to temper tensions, Picard is clearly bearing the weight of the war that he might have inadvertently helped start.

A clip from the episode was recently revealed as well, which you can watch in the player above. This sees Picard helping a butterfly out the window, commenting that the insect is lucky for being able to fly away while he’s confined to his room. Soji (Isa Briones) enters and the pair clash over their different ideologies – she is now very much on the side of her own kind while he hopes to keep the peace. “Don’t let the Romulans turn you into the monster they fear,” he tells her. We’ll have to wait and see whether his words have any affect.

There are a lot of other dangling plot threads the episode has to address, too. For one, will Brent Spiner’s Alton Soong succeed in transferring his consciousness into his superpowerful android body the Golem? And what will Picard do when this is all over, with the news that he’s got a terminal illness? We’ll have to wait and see, but going by the fact that a second season is already on the way, presumably he decides to continue his new adventures with the crew on La Sirena.