Star Trek: Prodigy Adds Jameela Jamil, Daveed Diggs And Jason Alexander

Today’s Star Trek: Prodigy panel at New York Comic-Con brought the news that Kate Mulgrew will be joined be another U.S.S. Voyager crewmember in the upcoming animated series, as Robert Beltran has been confirmed to be returning as Chakotay, who’s now a Starfleet captain. What’s more, the same panel revealed that three major names have likewise boarded Prodigy season 1 in key recurring roles.

These three names are Jameela Jamil, Daveed Diggs and Jason Alexander. Jamil – known for The Good Place, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, she’s set to join the MCU in the She-Hulk TV series – is voicing Ensign Asencia. Meanwhile, Hamilton star Diggs – who’ll be voicing Sebastian the Crab in Disney’s The Little Mermaid remake – is playing Commander Tysess. Last but not least, Seinfeld icon Jason Alexander is Doctor Noum.

Alexander’s casting actually makes him the third Voyager veteran on the show, alongside Mulgrew and Beltran. While Noum is an original character for Prodigy, the actor and comedian previously played Kurros on VOY episode 5×20 “Think Tank”. A self-confessed uber-fan of all things Trek, Alexander has also appeared on Seth McFarlane’s affectionate Trek spoof The Orville.

Brett Gray, Angus Imrie, Jason Mantzoukas, Ella Purnell and Dee Bradley Baker are among the main cast, with John Noble and Jimmi Simpson in villain roles. The series follows a motley crew of lawless teens, exiled on a mining colony in the Delta Quadrant, as they discover a derelict Starfleet ship, the U.S.S. Protostar. Taking the vessel into space, the young aliens must learn to work together as they make their way to the Alpha Quadrant. Janeway will be feature as the ship’s Emergency Training Hologram.

Star Trek: Prodigy premieres with its one-hour pilot episode, “Lost & Found”, on Thursday, October 28th, streaming exclusively on Paramount Plus in the United States and various international territories including Latin America, the Nordics and Australia.