Star Wars: Ahsoka Reportedly Looking To Cast Live-Action Sabine Wren

Following her key guest appearance in The Mandalorian season 2, Rosario Dawson will return as Ahsoka Tano in the character’s own self-titled TV series, Star Wars: Ahsoka. And according to the latest news, she’ll be bringing another beloved Star Wars animated character with her. It’s someone fans have been expecting to see in live-action ever since Ahsoka turned up on the hit Disney Plus show: Sabine Wren.

In a piece reflecting on Marvel’s What If…? premiere, The Hollywood Reporter noted that sources claim Lucasfilm is currently looking to find an actress to bring Sabine to life opposite Dawson. Wren, as voiced by Tiya Sircar, is a former Mandalorian bounty hunter originally allied to the Empire who reformed and joined the crew of The Ghost on Rebels. She even acquired the Darksaber for a time. Sabine was last seen in the Rebels finale, during a flashforward that saw her and Ahsoka taking off into the Unknown Regions in search of their missing friend, Ezra Bridger.

With the news that Sabine is being cast, this appears to confirm the long-held fan theory that Ahsoka will pick up the Rebels plot-thread and follow the duo’s search for the young Jedi. Tano was hunting for Grand Admiral Thrawn—who went missing along with Ezra—in Mandalorian season 2. It’s already been rumored that the young Jedi is being cast as well.

If so, Sabine will likely be a major part of the series, then. Possibly a co-lead, as THR noted that the studio is looking for someone to match Dawson.

There’s no word yet on who could play Sabine, but it’s unlikely to be Sircar. With the exception of Katee Sackhoff, who reprised Bo-Katan Kryze on Mandalorian, Lucasfilm prefers to recast animated characters for live-action. If the casting process is underway, maybe we can expect an announcement—or at least some leaked news—in the near future.

Ahsoka is expected to debut on Disney Plus sometime in 2022, probably along with The Mandalorian season 3. The Book of Boba Fett lands this December.