New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Clip Teases Showdown With Darth Maul

The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is moving closer and closer to its curtain call. This Friday sees the ninth episode of the final season air on Disney+. Titled “Old Friends Not Forgotten,” it’ll feature Ahsoka “leading Republic clones to confront Maul’s forces on Mandalore, while Maul senses the impending chaos and makes a calculated play to ensure his own survival.”

Fancy seeing a clip of it? You may have already watched it (given that it was in the headline), but if you haven’t, have a look in the space above for a glimpse of what’s to come in the episode. And start getting excited.

Yep, after 12 years, 7 seasons, and – after the finale – 133 episodes, the Star Wars franchise’s most popular TV series will be coming to end in just under two weeks’ time. After “Old Friends Not Forgotten” airs, only three more episodes await the avid Clone Wars viewer (I confess, I’m not in your company).

Fittingly, the studio have opted for a May 4th release date for the finale. Over a decade of TV and this will be the first time a Clone Wars episode goes out on Star Wars Day. Can you believe it? There’s your faintly surprising but not that interesting bite of franchise trivia for the day. A little very much goes a long way, right?

As always, those abuzz for the upcoming episode are welcome to voice their excitement in the comments section down below. And be sure to tune in this Friday for Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 9 on Disney+. Those without a subscription are going to have to find other means to do so. Not that I’d ever solicit what I’m definitely not implying. Quick, roll the credits.