Star Wars Fans Want The Final Episodes Of The Clone Wars Released In Theaters

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

While the recent movies have turned out to be more than a little divisive among fans, the Star Wars franchise looks to be in good health on the small screen. The first season of The Mandalorian received widespread critical acclaim, launching the Baby Yoda phenomenon in the process, and the upcoming second batch of episodes is reaching further into the expanded canon with Moff Gideon’s wielding of the darksaber and fan-favorite character Ahsoka Tano making her long-awaited jump to the live-action realm.

On the animated front, the revived Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back and better than ever, and doesn’t seem to have lost a step even after six years away from our screens. Fans better enjoy it while it lasts, too, because the series has just kicked off the four-episode story arc that will bring the saga to a conclusion, with the Siege of Mandalore set to wrap up with the ominously-titled “Victory and Death,” fittingly on Star Wars Day.

In fact, fans have been enjoying the Clone Wars revival so much that they’ve even launched a petition in an attempt to have the final four episodes edited together into a feature length movie and released into theaters, in an effort to both give the show the sendoff it deserves and provide a big screen Star Wars fix for those lamenting the lack of a theatrical release in the franchise this year.

Obviously, this is hardly the ideal time to launch a campaign about putting a movie into theaters when most releases have already been delayed and many are skipping cinemas entirely and heading straight for digital, and the studios don’t exactly have a track record for even acknowledging these petitions nevermind acting on them. As such, it seems as though Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans will have to make do with finishing up the series from the comfort of their own homes. Which is hardly the worst thing in the world.