Star Wars Fans Freaking Out Over Boba Fett Spinoff

Boba Fett

The Mandalorian has finally wrapped up after an explosive ending to season 2, and perhaps the biggest takeaway from this week’s eighth and final episode is that de-aging technology has still not advanced far enough. After a lot of rumors and speculation, Luke Skywalker swooped in to save the day, and as great as it was to see the legendary Jedi cut through a platoon of Dark Troopers as though they were nothing, when his face was finally shown, it looked like he’d flown straight in from the uncanny valley.

Several major pieces have now been shifted around the board for season 3, the most devastating of all being the goodbye between Mando and Baby Yoda. Din Djarin defeated Moff Gideon in combat and has now inherited the Darksaber to become heir to the throne of Mandalore, something Bo-Katan won’t be too happy about, while those who stuck around until the end of the credits were treated to a major surprise.

Ever since Temuera Morrison was announced to be returning to Star Wars, he’s been linked with his own Boba Fett spinoff, which appeared less likely than ever when he vanished for the final third of “The Rescue.” However, the stinger saw the bounty hunter and Fennec Shand head back to Tatooine, where they lay waste to Jabba the Hutt’s former cronies.

As we now know, The Book of Boba Fett is officially coming to Disney Plus in December 2021, and as you can see from the reactions below, fans are more than on board with the idea.

A lot of people were wondering what the status of the Mandalorian spinoff was after it was conspicuously absent from the Disney Investor Day presentation, but now we know that Jon Favreau was keeping The Book of Boba Fett up his sleeve to sign Star Wars off in style for the year.