Here’s Your First Peek At Elijah Wood’s Character From Star Wars Resistance


Star Wars Resistance has added another big name to its ever-growing ensemble, and this one ought to be pretty familiar to Lord of the Rings fans.

That’s right, Frodo Baggins himself, Elijah Wood, will be playing the part of Jace Rucklin, a character who emerges as something of a frenemy for our ace Resistance pilot, Kazuda Xiono. Chances are Jace will only grow in prominence with each passing episode, as an actor of Wood’s caliber is worthy of a recurring role on what is fast becoming the most exciting project in the entire galaxy – not least because Lucasfilm has pumped the brakes on those standalone projects for Obi-Wan and Boba Fett.

Circling back to Resistance, though, and this week’s “Fuel for the Fire” will bring about the introduction of Rucklin, and let’s just say Wood’s newcomer knows how to make an entrance.

Per Lucasfilm:

In “Fuel for the Fire” – Kaz befriends a sky racer named Rucklin who pressures him to get some rare and dangerous hyperfuel hidden in Yeager’s office.

This is the fourth episode of Star Wars Resistance overall (“The High Tower” is scheduled for next week), and it’s fair to say that the Lucasfilm animated series only continues to grow in strength. Whether it’ll veer into darker territory a la Rebels/The Clone Wars remains to be seen, but the addition of Elijah Wood as Jace Rucklin ought to up the ante as Resistance zooms past the halfway point.

The next episode of Star Wars Resistance, aptly titled “Fuel for the Fire,” airs Sunday, October 21st 10:00 pm ET/PT on Disney Channel. Exactly what comes next for Kaz and Co. will be revealed through time, though we imagine Jace Rucklin is destined to throw a spanner in the works.

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