‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ season 2 release date revealed in hilarious fashion

Star Wars The Bad Batch
Image via Lucas Films/Disney

A Redditor may have stumbled across Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s season two premiere date in the most unexpected and hilarious of fashions. 

Disney announced last year that its animated Clone Wars spinoff would be getting a second season. The show was a hit with Star Wars fans and proved so popular that the next installment was greenlit before its season one conclusion. You would think the show’s second chapter would call for a major announcement with fanfare galore. While it’s possible LucasFilms/Disney had the bells and whistles at the ready, one Redditor may have spoiled the occasion thanks to, of all things, Disney’s own customer service.

Honestly, when was the last time anyone got to say that corporate customer service was actually helpful? That in itself is cause for celebration. Be that as it may, Star Wars fans can rest assured knowing Wrecker and the gang will return on Sept. 28…at least according to everyone’s favorite customer service representative, Sherry Mae E.

Debuting last year on Disney Plus, The Bad Batch is the story of what is basically the experimental special forces of the Republic’s clone army. However, they are considered defective and not perfect clones, hence their nickname, “The Bad Batch.” Along the way, the team of misfits, with their Rambo-inspired leader, Hunter, complete with mullet and red headband, meet another imperfect clone, the young girl, Omega. 

By and large, Bad Batch fans were ready to make Sherry Mae E. the first inductee into the customer service hall of fame (which needs to be a thing, by the way). To coin one of the most famous lines in all of Star Wars, “Help me Sherry Mae E, you’re my only hope,” as JimJimmyJimJimJimJim wrote. 

David__B wants to go a step further and make a shrine that would last an eternity. “Someone should build Sherry Mae E. a statue.” If that Sept. 28 date is the real deal, let’s make sure it’s made out of solid gold; nothing less for this modern legend.

Not everyone was so convinced, and one Reddit user wasn’t sure that Sherry Mae E. would have information that Star Wars chief Dave Filoni had yet to make public. As d645b773b320997e1540 put it:

“This.. people need to learn that these customer support people have NO F***ING CLUE. They usually know LESS than us because they’re overworked ticket workers and not necessarily excited fans that soak up every bit of info out there. And they do not get any confidental/unreleased information, cause why would they? That’s just not how this works.”