Stephen Amell Reveals The Advice He’d Give To Batwoman’s Ruby Rose


Batwoman‘s coming. The Gotham City heroine is making her live-action debut this December when The CW airs its latest annual Arrowverse crossover event. Titled “Elseworlds,” it’s set to unite The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl for an adventure that’ll introduce Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, the newest superhero on the block, ahead of her own spinoff show debuting next year.

Rose is poised to be the next big superhero TV star, then, so what words of encouragement and advice would the Arrowverse’s original lead, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell, give to the actress at the beginning of her time as Batwoman? Variety asked the actor this very question recently and Amell explained that, while he doesn’t necessarily think Rose needs his assistance with anything, he’s been through the experience of welcoming new co-stars into this world before so he’s on hand if she requires help.

“I haven’t spoken with Ruby yet. I know absolutely everything about the crossover, and there is literally nothing I can say about it. Ruby doesn’t need my help, at all. But I have always taken great pride when we have a new character — this situation is very similar to when Grant [Gustin] was introduced as Barry Allen on our show. You effectively have an episode that is this person’s story, but they are dropping into a world where everyone is familiar with one another, there are no nerves, everyone knows how it works. Even if she doesn’t feel it, I feel like there’s a great deal of pressure on Ruby. I would just hope that if she needs anything from me, she wouldn’t hesitate to ask.”

Amell’s comment that he hasn’t properly met Rose yet might tell us something about the “Elseworlds” crossover. Thanks to the actor’s Twitter posts, we know that they’re currently filming The Flash‘s installment of the event, which is the opening episode. So, it sounds like Green Arrow won’t meet Batwoman in this part of the crossover.

As for whether Ruby Rose is feeling the pressure like Amell says, well, we don’t really know. However, the actress has made clear that she’s overwhelmed with what it means to be Batwoman and has previously said that she sees playing a lesbian superheroine on TV as “a game-changer” as kids watching can “relate to it and feel empowered.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for Batwoman‘s debut in the “Elseworlds” crossover beginning December 9th.

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