Stephen Amell Says Arrow Episode 8×06 Is One Of The Best Ever


In just a matter of hours, we’ll all be able to sit down and enjoy the eighth season premiere of Arrow. And while my review for the kickoff episode has already been published and I had good things to say about it, it’ll be nice to have the weight lifted from my shoulders once I’m able to discuss several key plot points that are kept under embargo.

That said, we’re entirely free to talk about what lies further down the road, as Stephen Amell continues his role as Ambassador of the Arrowverse on social media by turning heads with one of his latest Tweets. This time, he has us all intrigued to learn what’ll go down in episode 8×06.

Here’s what the Emerald Archer himself had to say about said adventure, which just so happens to be directed by co-star David Ramsey:

“Episode 8.06 might be our best episode ever. @david_ramsey at the helm was no accident. So happy I had so much to do for him.”

Saying it’s one of the best episodes Arrow has ever put out could be viewed as hyperbole by most, but Amell does have a knack for giving us advance notice whenever something cool will happen. As for what he meant by saying having Ramsey “at the helm was no accident,” mayb we can assume it’s a John Diggle-centric episode, or at least one focused on the bond between he and Oliver Queen.

Let it also be known that this episode will be titled “Reset,” which is sure to ignite theories. The one to follow, 8×07, is dubbed “Purgatory,” which’ll feature the return of Byron Mann as Yao Fei. Curiouser and curiouser, indeed.

Arrow airs on Tuesday nights on The CW, with “Reset” likely scheduled for a November debut.