Stephen Amell Says An Arrow/Supernatural Crossover Wouldn’t Be Difficult To Do


If there’s one thing that Stephen Amell wants to see happen on Arrow above all else, it’s a crossover with that other long-running CW drama, Supernatural. The Oliver Queen actor has been talking about his interest in teaming up with the Winchester Brothers for years now, and it seems like he’s still not over it.

In fact, he’s been chatting about it quite a lot in recent months and while there’s still been nothing official announced by the network, we’ve got a feeling it’ll happen eventually. In fact, according to Amell, it wouldn’t even be that difficult to pull off. While speaking at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London recently, the actor was asked if a crossover would be tough to make happen, to which he replied:

“No, it wouldn’t be. I mean, the reason that we do crossovers on Arrow is because Greg Berlanti, when he was growing up, loved to see characters from one show show up on another show. So I would love the opportunity to work with Jared and Jensen.”

Continuing on, Amell noted that if it were to ever come to fruition one day, Oliver Queen would be the one traveling to Supernatural, rather than have the Winchesters heading to the Arrowverse.

 “I would definitely come to them, as in I would go to their show. I would take a day rate. I’d bring my trailer, for sure. Let’s not mess around there.”

Finally, he said that he would love to do a crossover, if for no other reason than for the fans.

“I don’t know how it would look.” Amell revealed. “I really don’t. But I would love to do it, because ultimately we make the show – my show, their show – we make it for you guys. We make it so people can enjoy it. And I know that it doesn’t totally make sense to do a crossover, but f*ck it.”

Arrow Supernatural

If you’re wondering how two series set in completely different worlds could come together, it isn’t as impossible as it sounds. Both Arrow and Supernatural are no strangers to crossing over into alternate dimensions. The latter in particular is not afraid to stretch itself, as one episode even saw the characters crossover with Scooby-Doo of all things.

It sounds like such a ratings-winner for The CW that we’re just as surprised as Amell that this has never happened before. But hey, neither series is showing any signs of coming to a close anytime soon, so nothing’s stopping the Arrow star from getting his wish at some point in the future.

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