Stephen Amell Still Wants An Arrow/Supernatural Crossover


If there’s one thing that Stephen Amell wants to see happen on Arrow above all else, it’s a crossover with that other long-running CW drama, Supernatural. The Oliver Queen actor has been talking about his interest in teaming up with the Winchester Brothers for years now, and it seems like he’s still not over it.

Amell took to Twitter today to share a photo of himself with Jensen Ackles, who’s played Dean Winchester on Supernatural for a staggering 13 seasons, with another one confirmed to be on the way. The actor captioned his snap: “It’s the crossover we deserve” – further teasing fans with the possibility of it happening.

Unlike most TV crossovers, which can often chip away at the integrity of the shows in question, a union of Arrow and Supernatural would actually be perfectly feasible. After all, both have explored alternate universes before. In particular, Supernatural has got to the stage where it can do pretty much anything it wants. For instance, the recent cartoon crossover with Scooby-Doo. 

Arrow Supernatural

That said, Amell is just such a fan of the Winchesters that he’s willing to appear in their show even without playing Green Arrow. He previously suggested that, if an Arrow crossover couldn’t happen, then he could just drop by for a quick cameo that would be fun for fans to spot. “If I could show up on Supernatural as, like, someone pumping gas in their car or something like that, or just someone that they murder, that would be tremendous,” he said.

It sounds like such a ratings-winner for The CW that we’re just as surprised as Amell that this has never happened before. But hey, neither series is showing any signs of coming to a close anytime soon, so nothing’s stopping the Arrow star from getting his wish at some point in the future.

Maybe the Winchester brothers could even rock up in the next Arrowverse crossover alongside Batwoman? Now that’s something which would surely draw in huge ratings for the network.

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