Stephen Amell Reveals How This Year’s Arrowverse Crossover Starts


The annual Arrowverse crossovers are often the highlight of the season for DC fans as they bring together as many of The CW’s superheroes as possible for a week-long extravaganza. This year’s looks set to be a belter, too. Titled “Elseworlds,” the event will unite the casts of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl (not Legends of Tomorrow this time) for a story that’ll also introduce Ruby Rose’s Batwoman.

With all this and more going on, you’d expect the beginning of the crossover to be something huge in terms of scale and scope. But, apparently, it’s going to open with a scene that’s a little more mundane. Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, took to Twitter today to reveal the start of the “Elseworlds” crossover, which he tells us features Oliver Queen tucking into his breakfast.

“Spoiler alert: This years crossover begins with Oliver eating pancakes,” Tweeted the actor.

Amell could be completely trolling us here, or perhaps the sequence does indeed contain Ollie eating pancakes among doing other things. Or maybe, just maybe, the mayhem of what happens in the rest of the crossover is contrasted with a small-scale opening sequence which sees the Emerald Archer munching on some pancakes. Who knows?

What we do know is that not only will Green Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl show up in this year’s event, but Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman will also return, making his first appearance alongside an Arrowverse hero who isn’t his cousin. Elizabeth Tulloch is joining the event, too, as Lois Lane, the first time the character’s showing up in the franchise. And last but not least, LaMonica Garrett’s portraying the Monitor, a very powerful entity from DC lore.

Due to the inclusion of the Monitor, fans have theorized that perhaps “Elseworlds” could finally combine Supergirl’s Earth-38 with Earth-1. This is even more likely given that the Batwoman series looks to be set on that world. Sure, they can keep hopping between universes, but it would be better if everyone was on the same planet, don’t you think?

The Flash is the first of the Arrowverse shows to return for their new seasons, with the season 5 premiere airing tonight on The CW. Following that, the rest of the series will make their premieres before the big crossover kicks off this December.

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