Stephen Amell Teases How Good Batwoman’s Suit Looks In Action


Ruby Rose is set to make her debut as Batwoman in this December’s Arrowverse crossover, titled “Elseworlds,” which is currently filming. Our first look at the actress in full costume as the heroine has already been released and it’s got us even more excited to see her kicking butt in action. But someone who’s already had that privilege is Arrow star Stephen Amell.

The man who plays Oliver Queen took to Twitter yesterday to comment on just how awesome Batwoman’s suit looks in the flesh. He didn’t give us a proper description, but his use of several fire emojis says it all.

As you surely know, “Elseworlds” will see Batwoman and her hometown of Gotham City introduced into the ever-sprawling Arrowverse. It’s thought that Kate Kane will be an inhabitant of Earth-38 instead of the regular Earth-1, as Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane are also primed to feature in the crossover.

However, there’s also the theory that the event will see the various worlds of the Arrowverse’s multiverse merge into one. The Flash has already teased an eventual adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths – which definitely includes Batwoman – and the title “Elseworlds” does suggest this one’s going to dive across various alternate universes. Plus, LaMonica Garrett’s playing the Monitor, a major figure from the comic book Crisis.

Even if fans are off base on this one, it still looks to be a lot of fun. The first poster for “Elseworlds” dropped this week and revealed that it’ll see Amell and Grant Gustin swap characters, with the latter ditching his Scarlet Speedster outfit for the Emerald Archer’s hood and vice versa.

“Elseworlds” will take place over three nights encompassing The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl – Legends of Tomorrow is busy with its own crossover – and it all begins on December 9th.

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