Stephen Amell Teases Another Mystery Guest Star For Arrow Season 8

Arrow season 8

Production on the eighth and final season of Arrow is now underway, and star Stephen Amell has been documenting as much as he can of it without spoiling anything on social media. In particular, as the show is winding down, he’s taking the time to thank the cast and crew on Instagram as each subsequent episode wraps. In his latest post, following completion of episode 2, the actor has teased that another mystery guest star will turn up on season 8.

Someone Amell thanks in the video below is an as-yet-unannounced returning player, whom he calls “gracious” for coming back to the series. Whoever this is follows on from Colin Donnell and Josh Segarra, who’ve previously been confirmed to be reprising their roles as Tommy Merlyn and Prometheus in the final run.

We don’t know how Tommy and Adrian Chase will fit into season 8 just yet, but it’s been promised that the pair will come back in ways fans wouldn’t expect. This could suggest that Oliver Queen will encounter alternate versions of these familiar faces as he traverses the Multiverse – Amell has confirmed the hero will be aiding the Monitor in season 8, after all.

But who is this additional guest star that Amell’s teasing? Well, it could be prominent supporting characters of the Arrowverse like Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke, Neal McDonough’s Damien Darhk or maybe even John Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlyn, seeing as Tommy’s coming back. Amell’s “gracious” comment, though, suggests it’s someone who hasn’t been part of the franchise for a long while.

Arrow season 8 will run for a short 10-episode stretch and will closely tie into and be heavily affected by “Crisis on Infinite Earths” – which isn’t a surprise considering the Green Arrow’s death has been foretold. Be sure to catch the Emerald Archer’s final bow when the show returns to The CW on October 15th.