Arrowverse Fans Are Divided Over Stephen Amell’s Spectre

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths” finally returns to our screens in less than a week, with the final two parts of the ginormous Arrowverse crossover airing on The CW next Tuesday. To mark its arrival, the network released a new poster for the event a couple of days ago that gave us our first look at Oliver Queen in his latest guise. Once again, he’s had to become something else, someone else. No, not the Green Arrow, but supernatural superhero the Spectre.

The merging of the Emerald Archer and the avenging spirit has been a highly anticipated development of the climax of “Crisis,” but now that we’ve seen him in costume as the Spectre, not all fans are blown away by his look. Sure, it’s awesome that Ollie’s alive again, but couldn’t they have made his new suit a bit… better?

Maybe it’s just the way it’s depicted on this poster, and the Oliver Spectre will look a lot better in action in the episodes?

On the other hand, some fans love the tease on this poster and can’t wait to see the hero take on the mantle of the Spectre next week.

See, here’s more applause for the costume.

But you can’t please everyone, and one of the most popular reactions to the reveal going around on Twitter is this one, which jokes about how far short of the comic book Spectre The CW version comes.

Oliver’s transformation into the Spectre was teased in “Crisis Part 3.” Though Mia, Constantine and Diggle travelled to Purgatory to bring back his soul, the archer was convinced to remain in limbo by Jim Corrigan (Stephen Lobo), the traditional Spectre. It seems the pair make a deal after this and Ollie becomes the new host for the Spectre, at least temporarily, to aid the Paragons in defeating the Anti-Monitor.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” concludes with Arrow (Part 4) and Legends of Tomorrow (Part 5) on Tuesday, January 14th.