Stephen King’s Got Another Great Netflix Recommendation For Us


Stephen King sure does love using Twitter. It seems like every day he’s making news with one of his tweets. Whether he’s terrifying his millions of followers with a short story or offering an entertainment recommendation based on his latest viewing habits, the famed horror author certainly knows how to stir the pot and get people talking.

Earlier this week, he voiced his support for bonkers Lifetime original movies, including a specifically wacky one entitled (believe it or not) Deranged Granny. And as if that wasn’t odd enough, he also surprised and disappointed many fans with his praise of J.K. Rowling’s latest novel, which most view to be as openly transphobic as her recent comments.

Thankfully, his selection this time around is considerably less controversial. In his own words, here’s what he’s recommended now:

“Enjoying RATCHED. The music is positively Hitchcockian.”


King is referring to the psychological thriller TV series on Netflix that’s captivated audiences ever since it first premiered earlier this month. The show revolves around a titular nurse who’s much more sinister than initially meets the eye and is based off of the antagonist of the same name in the classic 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The book was famously adapted into an Academy Award-winning film that starred Louise Fletcher as the monstrous healthcare professional. The performance earned her an Oscar and helped launch what’s since been a decades-long career.

Now, Emmy winner Sarah Paulson is anchoring the role in this latest adaptation, which acts a prequel to the events of the movie and chronicles how the jaded medical expert devolved into a full-fledged villain. I’m only halfway through so far, but can certainly echo King’s recommendation.

Ratched is now streaming on Netflix. Don’t miss it.