Steven Moffat Says He’s The Most Besotted Doctor Who Fanboy


Well, it’s almost here, folks, the hugely anticipated season 10 finale of Doctor Who, titled “The Doctor Lives.” Set to air on BBC this Saturday, the episode is a significant one for a few reasons, not least because it marks the end of an era, so to speak. That’s because both star Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat will be bowing out after the Christmas special – which is apparently a fanboy’s dream – meaning this is their last proper outing.

As you can imagine, “The Doctor Lives” is a very big deal for both the BBC and all involved with the iconic series, and in an effort to drum up even more excitement, the cast and crew have been doing the press rounds recently, giving fans a bit of an idea of what to expect come this weekend. While we already know that there will be surprises and shocks galore – not to mention a whole lot of trouble with two Masters running around – one thing that we should also count on getting is some emotion.

It’s almost a certainty at this point that one of the main characters will die, that much we know, but outside of the events of the episode itself, it’s also going to be a bit sad saying goodbye to this particular era of the show. That’s something which Moffat feels as well, apparently.

As part of The Finale Countdown souvenir magazine – a fan-friendly keepsake that was given to those fans in attendance at Saturday’s The Finale Countdown Concert and Aftershow in Cardiff’s Millennium Centre – the showrunner said that even now, after so long on the series, he’s still not sick of it.

“… when I walked out on the set earlier today, and saw my last ever Doctor Who in production, I just felt stupidly, childishly excited. I took pictures, one of them was a selfie. I should be at least numb to all this by now – probably sick of it – but it turns out I’m still the most besotted fanboy on the planet.”

“The Doctor Falls” premieres on Saturday, July 1st on the BBC. Set your clocks to 6:30 pm GMT so you don’t miss a beat of Doctor Who‘s series 10 finale, and if it’s more coverage you’re after, stay tuned to We Got This Covered over the coming days as we collectively brace for Capaldi’s last stand.

Source: DoctorWho.TV

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