New Stranger Things 4 Set Photos Reveal Big Spoiler For Eleven

Stranger Things

The latest Stranger Things season 4 set photos tease a shocking development for Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven. The next run of the Netflix phenomenon has been in the works for the longest time, thanks to the pandemic holding it up for much of last year, but the shoot appears to be reaching the final episodes now, going by the dramatic nature of the scene depicted in these pics. Warning: spoilers to be found beyond this point…

As shared by Metro US, these latest snaps from the set showcase Brown’s telekinetic heroine being wheeled away on a stretcher from what seems like some kind of collision or road accident, with an oxygen mask attached to her face. Catch a look at them via the tweet below or follow the link in the post for more.

But, wait, Eleven’s situation is even worse than it looks. Fans have realized that the grey-haired EMT who’s attending to Eleven looks a heck of a lot like Matthew Modine AKA Dr. Walter Brenner, her “papa” and the twisted head of Hawkins Labs. Brenner appeared to have died in season 1, but the promos for season 4 have teased that he’s due to make a surprise comeback when the show returns. Now these images suggest he’ll manage to kidnap his runaway “daughter” and probably put her back under lock and key.

After the mixed reception to season 2, season 3 moved away from Hawkins Lab and the mythology of Eleven and the other super-powered kids. By the looks of things, though, ST4 will return to these concepts again, now that Brenner’s back as a major antagonist. Remember, the Russians will be involved, too, as Hopper is currently imprisoned in the USSR. It’s currently unclear where the Mind Flayer and the Upside Down will fit into all this, but they no doubt will.

Stranger Things season 4 is on track to finally wrap filming in August, with it looking likely that it will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2022.