‘Stranger Things 4’ star lets slip that multiple deaths are coming in volume 2

Stranger Things
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Stranger Things 4 isn’t quite the end of the show, but its second volume promises to be series finale-worthy in scale and stakes. Although just two more episodes are coming this July, they’ll deliver about four hours of new content due to their enormous cinematic runtimes. What’s more, we’ve been promised that the epic conclusion will set up the fifth and final season on a dramatic downer as a major character will perish.

That’s what creators the Duffer brothers have told us, anyway, but it’s possible they were holding back as star Noah Schnapp has now let slip that multiple characters will meet their end in volume two. The Will Byers actor appeared on The Tonight Show and was asked by host Jimmy Fallon to tease what’s next in season four. Schnapp, potentially distracted by the Eddie Munson wig he was wearing at the time, admitted more than he should have by saying that “some deaths are coming.” Cue shocked gasps from the audience and a stunned Fallon.

See Schnapp’s spoilery answer for yourself here:

When Fallon commented “that’s a big spoiler”, Schnapp attempted to defend himself by adding, “I didn’t say who.” But like Fallon rebutted, “there’s not that many people to choose from.” Schnapp doubled down, though. “I mean, you guys can assume that obviously someone’s gonna…” he said, before ominously drawing a line across his neck. “Someone or some people?” Fallon quizzed, before Schnapp realized he should probably just keep quiet: “I’m done here ’cause you’re scaring me.”

Well, it looks like we’ve found the Tom Holland in the Stranger Things cast. In Schnapp’s defense, he doesn’t specify that there will be multiple major deaths in volume two. He could just be talking about redshirt characters, like, say, random Hawkins cops or Russian gulag guards. But the way he’s talking certainly suggests he means some notable persons are about to encounter a tragic fate. So that’s pretty worrying.

Fans might want to mentally prepare themselves for some heartbreak when Stranger Things 4 premieres its eighth and ninth episodes on July 1.

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