‘Stranger Things’ celebrates its 6-year birthday on Netflix

stranger things
Image via Netflix

Netflix is celebrating the birthday of its flagship franchise, Stranger Things, with Friday being the show’s six-year birthday.

Stranger Things premiered six years ago today and turned the world Upside Down!” the official Twitter account for Netflix wrote in a post.

Before Stranger Things hit the streaming platform on July 15, 2016, Netflix did have some original series, most notably House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. However, when Stranger Things came along, it immediately dethroned those previous shows as Netflix’s defacto mascot due to its immense popularity, broadly appealing premise that tugs on nostalgia by taking place in the 1980s and achieving interest in younger audiences through being inspired story-wise by the works of legendary storytellers Stephen King and Steven Speilberg. After all, who doesn’t love seeing a bunch of middle school-age kids riding around on bikes and trying to unravel a government conspiracy?

Clearly, the fanaticism for the show has not died down all these years later.

“I gotta say it again, stranger things season 4 is a masterpiece,” one fan wrote.

And plenty of people were wishing the show a happy birthday, as well. One fan celebrated by sharing some of the epic promotional photos the cast has taken over the years.

And there was much love for Sadie Sink, as well.

Another fan could only sum up their feelings with an eye-watering emoji.

One Twitter user was so bold as to claim the show “changed my life damn it.”

Who can forget the first time we saw Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers take refuge in Castle Byers?

Happy birthday, Stranger Things!