‘Stranger Things’ fans reckon these two Hawkins teens hated each other

stranger things eddie billy fan theory
Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things fans reckon Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) and Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) would straight-up hate each other if they ever met and I can just see the mullets flying.

Eddie was introduced in season four of the hit Netflix series, but Max’s older brother died at the end of season three.

So Reddit user thelastseptember asked the Stranger Things subreddit on Tuesday what would have happened if the two characters had been on the same season.

Several fans claimed they would have genuinely hated each other, with a few of them arguing that Billy would have bullied Eddie at school for being a “proud weirdo”.

“Yeah, remember Eddie’s thing about being shocked that Steve was a decent guy because that just didn’t fit in his worldview? Billy is everything Eddie expects the popular, good looking gut to be. He would have despised him,” said one user.

Another agreed.

“Eddie is actually a nice guy. Billy was a piece of s**t that tried to run over the boys just for talking to Max,” they said.

Other fans claimed Billy would’ve bought substances off Eddie but still bullied him for fun.

“I feel like he’d bully Eddie for the drugs so he won’t have to pay,” said one Hawkins-wannabe.

“[They] might have had a weed deal or two but past that professional relationship I doubt they’d like each other at all,” another added.

Eddie fans have been praying he makes it out alive in the second half of Stranger Things season four when it premieres on Netflix on July 1. Quinn appeared to reveal what happens to his character in the final battle with Vecna in this interview.