Stranger Things Fan Favorite Trends After Season 4 Episode Titles Revealed

Yesterday saw Netflix open the floodgates to Stranger Things Season 4, with the celebration of all things Hawkins sending the internet into raptures. On top of another teaser trailer, plenty of behind the scenes image and numerous teases of what’s to come, the streamer also dropped the titles of all nine episodes.

The wait to summer 2022 just got that little bit longer for Stranger Things enthusiasts, but at least a vague release window has now been confirmed. On top of that, one Season 4 installment in particular has generated a wave of online emotions, as you can see from the reactions below.

Despite largely being an antagonistic asshole throughout his tenure on the show, Dacre Montgomery’s Billy still became a firm favorite among the fanbase, and the tease of his potential return got pulses racing on Twitter. It might be restricted to flashbacks as opposed to a full-blown resurrection, or perhaps the episode in question revolves entirely around Sadie Sink’s Max, but something big is definitely coming.

Stranger Things Day brought the most information we’ve gotten yet about the next outing for our intrepid band of teenage heroes and their ragtag group of associates, which should be enough to tide subscribers over for a while.