Stranger Things Season 4 BTS Photo Welcomes Us Back To The Upside Down


Netflix may be making a big push to expand their library of high profile and critically acclaimed in-house content, but Stranger Things is still seen by many as their undisputed marquee show. Sure, it took a bit for the sci-fi horror to sink its teeth into the public consciousness, but by the time season 2 got here, it was a bonafide cultural phenomenon.

Unsurprisingly, season 3 became the most-watched original Netflix series ever after racking up a whopping 64 million views in just four weeks and now, folks are giddy with excitement for the fourth run. Unfortunately, though, we’ve got a while to go before we catch back up with the gang, after production was paused in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

There’s no word yet on when, exactly, the show will return to the streaming site, but to keep us going, the official Stranger Things Twitter account shared the below photo earlier today, captioning it with “meanwhile in the Upside down…” and revealing that production is underway again.

So, it’s not much, but it’s nice to see that things are back up and running. These teases will no doubt continue to come until they’ve got some footage in the can that they can show us, too, but in the meantime, fans will be left to speculate as to what may be heading down the pipeline.

Story-wise, not much is known yet about this new run, but we can say with certainty that Jim Hopper will indeed be back. How, exactly, that’s possible, we don’t yet know, but actor David Harbour has already teased some “big reveals” regarding the character’s backstory. Of course, that’s no doubt only scratching the surface of what this new run of Stranger Things will offer, and with the gears now turning on season 4, hopefully we’ll see more of it soon.