Stranger Things Fans Think They Spotted Hopper In Season 4 Trailer

Stranger Things

If Bob Newby was the big casualty of Stranger Things season 2, then Jim Hopper (and Alexei!) will be remembered as the biggest loss from the show’s third installment.

Deep within the bowels of Starcourt Mall, where the Russians were attempting to prise open a permanent gateway between our world and the Upside Down, Hopper wound up trapped next to the very machine he wanted to destroy. So when Joyce Byers had a chance to close the portal once and for all (?), she did so knowing that Hopper had no chance of surviving. It was a gut-wrenching scene, but his sacrifice essentially saved the day. And don’t get us started on that letter. We’re not crying; you’re crying!

In all seriousness, now that Netflix has officially committed to season 4, a Stranger Things teaser video is doing the rounds which may or may not hint at Hopper’s return. If you’re late to the party, it delves deep into the Upside Down, and seemingly features Hopper’s cabin…

Netflix subscribers certainly think they’re onto something here, though it’s worth keeping in mind that today’s announcement video hinted at new locations beyond Hawkins. Perhaps we’ll get to see more of the Russian facility and “the American?” Or could it be that much of season 4 revolves around Eleven and the gang attempting to rescue Hopper from the Upside Down once the cat’s out of the bag? Alas, we likely won’t know for sure until late 2020, when season 4 is expected to premiere.

So, for now, here’s another couple of knee-jerk reactions, just for good measure:

The fourth and likely final season of Netflix’s Stranger Things is still incubating in the early stages of development – filming is expected to commence next month – but we’ll be bringing you all the latest as the residents of Hawkins prepare for another onslaught of otherworldly terror.