Stranger Things Star Says He’s Confident In How The Show Will End

Stranger Things

We’d been hearing constant murmurings that some major news regarding Season 4 of Stranger Things was coming imminently, only for a lot of fans to be disappointed when they got it. Sure, we were gifted with a brand new teaser trailer that boasted a ton of new footage, but it also confirmed everyone’s worst fears that the Netflix phenomenon wouldn’t be back on our screens until 2022.

Shooting still hasn’t finished yet, despite the first day of production taking place in February of 2020, although the pandemic obviously played a huge part in that. By the time the fourth batch of episodes arrives three years will have passed, which is a lifetime for a TV series, but Stranger Things is more than popular enough to have audiences waiting on tenterhooks until an official release date is announced, which might not be until the summertime.

Creators the Duffer brothers and executive producer Shawn Levy have been saying for a while that they know exactly when and how the show is going to end, with Season 5 long having been speculated as the final adventure for Hawkins’ plucky band of heroes. In a new interview, star Joe Keery admitted that he isn’t privy to that information, but he’s confident in the creative team’s ability to send Stranger Things out on the highest possible note.

“You know I really can’t say anything, but I don’t also really know what the endgame is. I’ve gotten little bits and pieces, but me and the brothers have spoken about specific ideas that would be really cool for the character. So, once it all does come to a close, I have faith in those two guys and Shawn, as well, that they will do it right.”

Stranger Things was the first Netflix original series to capture the zeitgeist, and it’s remained arguably the platform’s marquee episodic property ever since, so there’s every chance Season 4 is going to obliterate all standing viewership records when it finally lands, and rumors of spinoffs to expand the universe once the main story draws to a close have never gone away, so there’s much more to come in the future.