Deathstroke’s Daughter Ravager Is Coming To Arrow


The 22nd episode of Arrow‘s second season, “Streets of Fire,” is currently filming, and some leaked photos from the set have confirmed fan suspicion that Deathstroke’s daughter, Rose Wilson AKA Ravager, will be making a trip to Starling City.

In last week’s episode, “Deathstroke,” it was revealed that Summer Glau’s character Isabel Roshev was working with Slade Wilson, prompting her to take control of Queen Consolidated and use its applied science division to start creating a Mirakuru army. We all suspected that Roshev couldn’t be trusted, but I don’t think many people would have though that she had ties to Deathstroke.

When Oliver discovers that she’s double crossed him, she says, “You know, the sins of the father…,” before attacking him. Many wondered if she was referring to Oliver’s father, or if she was actually Talia Al Ghul. Others found this to mean that she is Slade’s daughter, and from the images above you can see that that’s absolutely the case.

The pictures come to us from PUNKD, and they clearly show Summer Glau in costume as Ravager. There have been several versions of Ravager in the comics, but Rose Wilson is the latest one. At one point she’s actually a member of the Teen Titans, so I wonder where her loyalties may ultimately lie when the season comes to a close.

The costume looks a bit rough, but then again, these are leaked set photos and it will likely look a lot better in action. It is exciting to see Glau wielding two swords though, and it makes sense that the Arrow creators would want to utilize the fighting skills she displayed in Serenity. 

Tell us, are you excited to see Glau as Ravager? What do you think of the costume? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PUNKD Images