Awesome Supergirl Art Imagines Smallville’s Tom Welling As Lex Luthor


It’s official, Lex Luthor is finally coming to Supergirl at some point in season 4. The presence of Superman’s nemesis has always been felt on the show, thanks to the inclusion of his mother Lillian and sister Lena, but the bald-headed billionaire has never shown his face before on The CW series. The arrival of Lex is a major deal, then, so they really need to cast a doozy of an actor to bring the iconic character to life.

Ask Twitter, though, and everyone will say that Smallville‘s Michael Rosenbaum should reprise his role from the beloved Superman prequel show. And honestly, as much as we might want it, it’s unlikely to happen as Supergirl has never brought an actor from that series back to play the exact same part before. However, it has been home to many Smallville talents portraying different characters.

Given that, perhaps Supergirl will mix things up and not bring back Rosenbaum as Lex but cast another Smallville alumn as the villain instead. Namely, Clark Kent himself, Tom Welling. Can’t imagine what that would look like? Well, then we have something that might help you out. Reddit user BFHARTSANDSTUFF created this piece of fan art (below) that imagines Welling as Luthor, bearded, suited and armed with kryptonite.

So, where does this wacky casting idea come from? From Welling himself! At a convention appearance earlier this year, WGTC’s own Eric Joseph asked the actor if he’d consider switching it up and taking his old pal Rosenbaum’s role on Supergirl. His reply: “Oh yeah. I’d totally do that in a heartbeat.” If you think Welling would be a strange choice as Luthor, bear in mind that he recently made his big comeback to the world of DC as the main antagonist on Lucifer‘s third season.

Supergirl casting department, it’s now up to you. Choose your Lex wisely.

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