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Supergirl Set Video Reveals Two Fan Favorites Are Returning For Series Finale

The Girl of Steel's flight is coming to an end.


The Girl of Steel’s adventures are about to come to an end, but first she’s going to reunite with two old friends. Supergirl is now shooting its sixth season – and series – finale in Vancouver, with the latest footage from the set confirming that two former stars of the show will be teaming up with Kara Zor-El in what promises to be an unmissable episode.

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As seen in the video below, Melissa Benoist was spotted on set with Chris Wood and Jeremy Jordan, meaning fans can expect both Mon-El and Winn Schott to return for at least the finale, if not some episodes before that too. Both Wood – Benoist’s IRL husband, of course – and Jordan were captured wearing their own superhero costumes, meaning they must be aiding in a fight against some unseen villain.

Mon-El and Winn were both written out in previous seasons by their decision to head to the 31st century to join the Legion of Super-Heroes. They were last seen in a season 5 two-parter that brought them back to the present. Clearly, the show will end with a threat to the world that’s so great Kara needs her friends from the future to help her out.

Confirmation that these two are returning will only further those fan theories at how Kara’s story will wrap up. A very common idea is that she’ll rekindle her romance with Mon-El and elect to leave National City behind to go join the Legion and live in the future with him. This would both allow the heroine to have a happy ending and also explain why she won’t be see around the Arrowverse from now on.

Supergirl season 6 aired its first seven episodes – which saw Kara trapped in the Phantom Zone before making her way back home – earlier this year. It’s set to resume on The CW from August 24th, after Superman & Lois wraps up its first season.