New Superman & Lois Photos Introduce The Kent Family


We’re now just weeks away from Superman & Lois debuting on our screens. We’ve known Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Tomorrow since 2016, and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane since 2018, but this is the power couple’s first shot in the limelight. Not to mention that this time around, they’ll be parents to two teenage boys – Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alex Garfin). And now, ahead of the show’s two-hour premiere on February 23rd, The CW has released some new promo images which introduce us to the full Kent family.

Superman & Lois follows Clark and and his wife having to make a fresh start after they both lose their jobs at The Daily Planet. Relocating to the old Kent farm in Smallville, Kansas, the pair need to adjust to their new lives, as they juggle being parents with Clark’s superhero secret identity – the two boys don’t know their dad is really Superman when the show begins. Though these promo pics may reveal the big moment they find out.

The third and fourth images in the gallery above appear to come from the same scene – Clark lifts a vehicle into the air while his stunned sons watch from below along with their mom. The other photos showcase Clark and Lois at the farm, possibly confronting the boys, the pair dressed for work at The Planet and Clark taking to the skies as Supes, complete with his awesome, revamped suit.

Fans were blown away by the first full trailer for the series, as it had a completely different feel and tone from the rest of the Arrowverse. That’s because, with some additional funding from HBO Max, it’s got more in common with Stargirl. Like that co-production, S&L also has a shorter season length. The CW previously ordered 13 episodes, though this Wednesday they gave it an extra two to bring it up to 15. They’ve yet to renew it for season 2, however.

Don’t miss Superman & Lois when it premieres Tuesday, February 23rd on The CW.