Supernatural Fans Are Heartbroken Over [SPOILERS] Death


After a record-breaking 15 seasons, Supernatural is no more, and the show decided to go for broke with yesterday’s series finale as it went so far as to kill off one of its leads. Er, again. Shortly after Castiel sacrificed himself in a previous episode, the finale, “Carry On,” saw one of the Winchester brothers meet their final end. And the fans are heartbroken.

The brothers’ last hunt had them rescuing some kids from a mask-wearing vampire cult, led by a former foe from one of the series’ early episodes. But though they were able to take care of the vamps easily, Dean was impaled on a piece of rebar in the ensuing melee, which had fatal consequences. The brothers had a heartbreaking goodbye, with Dean making Sam promise that he would be alright without him. The older sibling then passed over into heaven, where he was greeted by some familiar faces. Many years later, after a long, full life, Sam then too passed away and was reunited with Dean.

It’s fair to say this is the ending no one wanted. After everything they’ve been through, fans wanted to see the brothers stick together and lead happy lives. What’s more, Dean has fought everything that the universe has thrown at him and come out on top and yet he dies in this way. The finale is drawing near-Game of Thrones level controversy online, then, and here are just some of the reactions going around on Twitter.

Says it all, really.

Iconic is one word for it.

It’s all about Dean.


How is this supposed to make us feel better?!

No Dean/Cas reunion? No thanks.

*Michael Scott face intensifies*

Chuck was right.

And here are a few more, just for good measure:

We’ll have to wait for the dust to settle before we can properly see how this episode will go down, but it definitely looks like Supernatural may have delivered yet another contender for the most controversial TV finale ever.